What is Martial Energetics?



  • Martial Energetics is a transformative, holistic, mind-body discipline that combines principles from internal martial arts and other traditional mind-body modalities with insights from physics, neurology, and other modern-day sciences to actualize human potential, cultivate health and well being, and heighten spiritual awareness.

  • Martial Energetics is a unique fusion of ancient principles and modern perspectives.

  • Martial Energetics is a complete system for mastering your body and your destiny.

  • Martial Energetics is an ongoing complementary study of prowess and violence.

    • Prowess is the study of how the human body works, how to use it efficiently, and how to work in harmony with its natural design to enhance its capabilities.

    • Violence is the study of how the human body can fail, how to exploit its weaknesses intentionally, and how to work in harmony with its natural design to either avoid or to cause injury.

  • Martial Energetics grows out of the interrelated study of physics, physiology, and psychology.

  • Martial Energetics is designed to empower individuals to be complete, unique, and true to their nature.


Primary Influences: Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu San Soo


Secondary Influences: wing chun, bak fu pai, capoeira, contact improv, parkour, taekwondo, aikido, jiu jitsu, systema, yoga, Psycho-Cybernetics


Martial Energetics Contains:

Calisthenics  Qigong  Chi Sao  Playfighting

Reaction Simulation Training (RST)

Kinesthetic Awareness (KA) and Combat Conditioning (CC) Drills

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