Raised Spirit Workshop With MMA Tai Chi Fighter Nick "Supernova" Osipczak
to Jun 17

Raised Spirit Workshop With MMA Tai Chi Fighter Nick "Supernova" Osipczak

UFC phenomenon Nick "Supernova" Osipczak will be coming to San Diego to teach a workshop in June of 2018!

If you haven't heard of Nick yet, these two videos will give you a quick introduction:

Intro video (3:32):

Fight highlights (4:31):

Taking a holistic approach to teaching the martial way, Nick bases his understanding of the martial arts on the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi Ch'uan and combines it with all the best that the modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has to offer.

This ten-hour workshop (split over two days) will cover:

Nei-gong (Internal work)
Qi-gong (Energy work)
Zhan Zhuang (Standing practise)
Ji Ben Gong (Foundational exercises)
Tui Shou (Push hands)
San Shou (Free sparring)

Key basic ground positions explained
Key methods of control on the ground
Fundamental movement drills for ground escapes
Getting back to the feet
Takedown defense (before, during, after)

Animal ground movements
Cold-water training
Breathing exercises

Space is limited, so sign up if you'd like to reserve your spot!


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Surviving Criminal Violence Self Defense Seminar Series
to Feb 20

Surviving Criminal Violence Self Defense Seminar Series

  • La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


This seminar is organized into three parts.  You can attend just one or all three.

***Part 1: AVOIDING VIOLENCE (Saturday, February 6, 12pm - 2pm)***

This part involves a video presentation, demonstrations, and discussion, and is mostly observational. You will learn key principles of avoiding violence, including:

  • The "three A's" of surviving criminal violence
  • How "ego" can get you-or somebody else-killed
  • Common risks you may be taking without even realizing it
  • The most effective deterrent to violence

***Part 2: UNDERSTANDING VIOLENCE (Saturday, February 13, 12pm - 2pm)***

This part involves a video presentation, demonstrations, and light physical activity. You will learn the counterintuitive principles of real violence, including:

  • Why violence has nothing in common with competition, and how to tell the difference
  • The common elements of every violent encounter, regardless of the particulars
  • The distinction between social and asocial, and why your life may depend on knowing the difference
  • Why focusing on "self defense" can get you killed, and what you need to focus on instead, both in your training and in the heat of the moment
  • The one main advantage criminal predators have over "normal" people, and how to take it away from them

***Part 3: NAVIGATING VIOLENCE (Saturday, February 20, 12pm - 2pm)***

This part uses a hands-on skill-building process called Reaction Simulation Training (RST) to lay in the specific skills necessary to survive a violent encounter. You will learn everything you need to know to use your body as a weapon-of-last-resort, including:

  • The one critical factor that determines the outcome of any violent encounter
  • The psychological restraints most people in place have that could stop them from saving their own life, and how to remove them 
  • Why being bigger, faster, stronger, and tougher does not matter in violence
  • How to train for maximum results
  • How to ensure that your training will be there for you when you need it
  • How to avoid panic and overwhelm in a violent situation so you can take decisive action

After attending part 1 of this seminar you will have a heightened awareness of how to minimize risks in your daily life. After attending Part 2 you will be able to "read" a violent situation well enough to understand what is happening. After attending part 3, you will be "conversational" in the language of violence, and you will have a universal, failsafe plan of action in place for responding to a worst-case scenario. Come to get all of your questions asked and answered, and go home with a permanent new skill set that may save your life.

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