Martial Energetics Seminars

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Improve Your Life With Tai chi

Learn one of the most ancient methods for enhancing health, well-being, and performance known to humankind! Benefits of tai chi include reduced stress, improved overall health, increased energy, balanced mood, and improved balance, flexibility, and endurance.

This three-part introductory seminar series focuses on three of the most direct ways that tai chi can improve your health and your life: posture, balance, and stress reduction. Attend just one or to all three, and plan to leave with a set of self-improvement tools that you will own for the rest of your life!

If you've ever wanted to try tai chi, now is the perfect time!

Partner Tai Chi

Tai chi involves partner practice (chi sao), as well as solo practice (qigong).  Come to this three-part introductory seminar series to learn the art of harmoniously exchanging energy, with applications to self defense, performance enhancement, and health and wellness. Benefits include:

  • improved posture and balance

  • improved reflexes

  • heightened kinesthetic awareness

  • the ability to stay relaxed and focused under pressure

  • fluidity and flexibility to respond appropriately to any situation

Come develop the fundamentals of fluid movement and effortless power in a relaxed and beginner-friendly environment.

If you've ever wanted to try tai chi, now is the perfect time!

Surviving criminal violence

Read the following statement and see if you agree:

"In order to protect yourself from any attacker in a violent confrontation, you do NOT need to be any bigger, faster, stronger, or more coordinated than you ALREADY are...

You just need to know WHAT to do and HOW to do it."

FACT: Saving your life from a vicious, psychopathic human predator does not require you to COMPETE in size, strength, agility, quickness, speed, or skill with your attempted murderer in order to stop him -- you just have to INJURE him, and this is a skill that anybody can learn and use. If you can move and think, you can injure someone, and possibly save your own life or that of someone you love. Being able to apply these skills immediately and effectively if they are ever needed is not a matter of STRENGTHENING or CONDITIONING, it is only a matter of LEARNING and PRACTICING the specific actions necessary again and again in a relaxed, focused, precise, and SAFE manner.

Many types of tools and training are available for situations where you can:

  • predict & avoid danger

  • flee

  • call for help

  • capitulate

  • verbally de-escalate the situation

  • stop your attacker by hurting or overpowering them

  • intimidate or frighten your attacker away

  • defend yourself nonviolently

But how do you train for a situation where none of the above apply? What would you do if:

  • the danger is unexpected and unavoidable

  • you or others are unable to avoid harm by fleeing

  • help is not available

  • capitulation would just make your attacker's job easier

  • persuasion is hopeless

  • your attacker is bigger, stronger, and tougher than you, armed to the teeth, unmindful of pain, unfrightenable, and will stop at nothing to do you grievous bodily harm

Would you have the knowledge, ability, and will to neutralize the threat by deploying superior violence first, thus beating the predator at his own game? In short, if the situation called for a gun but you didn't have one, would you be physically and mentally equipped to do the work of a bullet with your bare hands?

The answer is absolutely YES, IF you are prepared.

Come to this three-part seminar series for a crash course in how to AVOID violence whenever possible, and intelligently and effectively USE violence as a tool when there are absolutely NO other options available.

This is not "martial arts" for fitness, competition, or "ass-kicking", this is worst-case scenario survival training for one purpose and one purpose only: as a last resort to save your life.